Suggested Twilio Zaps

We suggest the following Zaps to integrate WooCommerce with Twilio.

Useful Twilio Actions

  • Send SMS – Send an SMS to a number or numbers.
  • Call Phone – Call a number or numbers and say a message.

Using Twilio

Twilio lets you send messages (SMS or voice) to customer phone numbers.

Twilio has a free trial account that lets you send a limited number of messages to try it out. After that, you pay for your own Twilio number and a few cents to send each SMS message – price varies by country and carrier. Check out their excellent international coverage.

Recommended Filter

Twilio requires you to send a phone number that uses International format, which means it starts with a + and a country code.

WooCommerce orders allow entry of a phone number in any format. If your orders contain phone numbers that haven’t been formatted correctly, this filter will stop your Zaps firing:

  • billing_phone starts with +
  • To Number: Billing Phone Number
Twilio SMS Example

Twilio SMS Example

Custom Filter to Send an SMS when an order Ships

When an order is paid for the status moves to processing, when shipped the status moves to completed. You can use a filter to only send an SMS specifically when an order moves to completed:

Twilio Set Custom Filter

More Help on Zapier and Twilio

Visit: Zapier Twilio Help

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