Google Drive

Google Drive

Suggested Google Drive Zaps

We suggest the following Zaps to integrate WooCommerce with Google Drive.

Google Drive Actions

  • New Folder – Create a new, empty folder.
  • Create File from Text – Create a new file from plain text.
  • Copy File from Trigger – Copies a new file from the trigger service.

Create File From Text

This action can be used to create two different types of files on your Google Drive:

  • Editable Google Doc: these files have a .gdoc extension, and are editable/shareable via Google Docs
  • Non Editable: these files are simple text files with a .txt extension

When creating your Zap, set the Convert To Document to Yes if you want an editable Google Docs document instead of a text file.

You cannot control the file extension. Google Drive will always add .txt to the end of text files, and .gdoc to the end of Editable files.