Version 1.6.5 Released

Version 1.6.5 of the WooCommerce Zapier plugin has just been released.

This release includes the following:

  • Security Fix: Improved output escaping in the WordPress admin area. Thanks to David Green of 10up for reporting these.
  • Fix: Ensure a few more strings are translatable.
  • Change: Code standards improvements.
  • Note: Tested up to WordPress 4.7.1.
  • Note: Tested up to WooCommerce v2.6.13.

See the full changelog for details of the other changes in this release.

Update today!

The latest plugin version can be downloaded via your WordPress dashboard, or via the my account page.


If you are looking for technical support, please try the Offical WooCommerce Zapier Documentation, Zapier Help Desk or the WooCommerce Help Desk.

7 Responses to Version 1.6.5 Released

  1. Avatar for Leho Kraav @lkraav
    Leho Kraav @lkraav February 21, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

    Hi. Is anybody else seeing WC Zapier 1.6.5 flooding Zapier with a large number of duplicate requests?

    See for example. This is overflowing our Zapier plan.

    Faulty wp-cron implementation? Feel like switching to tried and tested instead?

  2. Avatar for Leho Kraav @lkraav
    Leho Kraav @lkraav February 21, 2017 at 5:41 pm #

    After investigation, this problem seems to have just started overnight, on Feb 4th. The only new plugin activated on this day was “FV Player Pro”, but it’s doubtful that has to do with cron. (I’m using Stream to track all activity)

    Couple of others were updated:

    Can I get the `WC_Zapier_Debugger` plugin anywhere?

  3. Avatar for James
    James February 21, 2017 at 7:29 pm #

    Hi Leho,

    As far as I’m aware, we haven’t received any reports of duplicate requests in the last year or so.

    If you contact WooCommerce Support, they’ll be able to investigate and provide you with the Debugging plugin.


  4. Avatar for Leho Kraav @lkraav
    Leho Kraav @lkraav February 22, 2017 at 3:16 am #

    Thanks for responding James. Relying on WooCommerce support desk is in most advanced cases not advisable, as I’m sure being a vendor, you are well aware of their dead slow response time, canned responses and qualification problems etc.

    Other than that, just letting you know fortunately I’m well capable of debugging deep on my own, but do need those valuable info tidbits like you posted – such as “no recent reports lately”.

    I also found the WooCommerce ticket from 2014 talking about getting away from core cron in favor of Action Scheduler, was happy to see you guys already thinking about it back then. We are running Woo Subs + Memberships with volume and without any issues, so AS as a queue backend seems to have proven itself.

    Back to WC Zapier – the last incoming order generated tens and tens of repeat zapier calls, I really need to somehow figure this out quickly.

    Yes, I’m on object caching, specifically I ready your documentation notes on this and saw you have had historical issues with it.

    First thing I’m trying here is changing caching backends to

    Waiting for some orders to come in, diagnosing results, and then deciding on the next step.

    Unfortunately all plugins activated are non-random and business critical… it’s going to be tough starting to bisect that. Really hoping it is the object cache backend.

  5. Avatar for Leho Kraav @lkraav
    Leho Kraav @lkraav February 22, 2017 at 3:48 pm #

    Changing Redis cache backends has had no improvement effects.

    Have to start bisecting plugins :/

  6. Avatar for Leho Kraav @lkraav
    Leho Kraav @lkraav February 23, 2017 at 4:35 am #

    Switching to Alternate Cron solved the problem immediately.

    But I did spend some time on trying to get regular cron to work. I implemented a small mu-plugin for WC_Zapier_Debugger->log_message() and got a look at what happens with error_log().

    Cron just gets fired repeatedly in short succession and the job gets constantly repeated. I can’t tell what makes it finally stop.

    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:29 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: This is a cron request
    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:29 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: url =
    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:29 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: action_name_to_trigger: woocommerce_payment_complete
    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:29 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: arguments: Array
    [0] => 162736

    … “Attempting to send data to Zapier Feed:”

    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:56 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: This is a cron request
    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:56 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: url =
    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:56 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: action_name_to_trigger: woocommerce_payment_complete
    [22-Feb-2017 19:19:56 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: arguments: Array
    [0] => 162736

    … “Attempting to send data to Zapier Feed:”

    [22-Feb-2017 19:20:03 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: This is a cron request
    [22-Feb-2017 19:20:03 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: url =
    [22-Feb-2017 19:20:03 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: action_name_to_trigger: woocommerce_payment_complete
    [22-Feb-2017 19:20:03 UTC] WC_Zapier_Debugger_Main: arguments: Array
    [0] => 162736

    … “Attempting to send data to Zapier Feed:”


    Repeats the above 20-30 times on some occasions.

    Maybe to do with something like this but debugging further is too much to handle right now, so I’m sticking with Alternate Cron for time being (until a side effect shows, if ever).

    PS let me know if you’re interested in the error_log capture, e-mail me (this blog doesn’t send e-mail notifications)

  7. Avatar for Chris
    Chris March 16, 2017 at 4:00 pm #

    Contacted support but wanted to voice this and see if someone is in the same boat.

    My Zaps only fire occasionally, usually when i go through the first setup the test is successful, then the automation works once. Then stops.