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WooCommerce Zapier Integration is evolving!

After a mere 2+ years (29 months) in the wild, the WooCommerce Zapier extension is coming of age.

When we launched, Zapier connected a ‘fledgling’ WooCommerce with over 200 web services. Today WooCommerce powers more than 30% of the eCommerce web, and the Zapier web service count is over 500.

When we launched the integration opportunities were amazing. But with 300 or so new integration apps entering the market, there are new opportunities that are grabbing attention.

WooThemes have recently posted about automation options with WooCommerce and Zapier: 10 ways to save time with WooCommerce automation

And Zapier provide some good examples for eCommerce automation (substitute WooCommerce where appropriate):

The future is looking bright for WooCommerce automation with Zapier, check it out for your own store today!

A Walk Through showing WordPress / Zapier Integration

A new walk through has been published by WP Beginner, stepping through the process of integrating Gravity Forms with a Google Docs spreadsheet:

How To Integrate Gravity Forms With Everything Using Zaper

This is a really detailed walk through. The Gravity Forms extensions uses the same webhook integration method that the WooCommerce extensions uses, so the whole process is very similar.

Now, just need to find some time to produce some nice video walk throughs for some of the WooCommerce integrations.