WooCommerce Integration with Zapier

Zapier helps you automate your WooCommerce store.

Using Zapier and the WooCommerce Zapier WordPress plugin you can send WooCommerce order and customer data to 230+ third party web services using a single plugin and a Zapier account!

This site zeroes in on those services that are likely to be most useful to someone running a WooCommerce store:

Billing & Invoicing

Send new customer information to your accounting system, and convert orders to invoices.


Set up your new customers in your CRM.

Email Marketing

Add your new customers to your email  lists.

Phone, SMS and Email Notifications

Keep your customers and fulfillment partners up to date with information about new orders and order status changes via SMS, phone or email.

File Management

Keep your office spreadsheets and other files up to date with new order information.

Help Desk

Keep your Help Desk system up to date when transactions require support.



If you have created a useful Zap, or learned something useful about integrating WooCommerce with a specific service, share your knowledge in the Comments.



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